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    Default New To Target Bows, Need Opinion Please

    I have been shooting bows for many years for hunting and just getting into target shooting and am looking for a dedicated bow for that. I came across a Mathews Apex (orange) witha SureLoc micro adjustable front sight, case, 12 carbon express arrows, and stabilizers etc. About what do you all think its worth (within about $100 or so)? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like a nice package but I am not sure what it is worth. Did you end up buying it?
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    It's a real good set-up for 3- D. How much are they asking for it?
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    Kind of DL dependent IMO. If your a 29" DL or better the Apex will suit you good. If less, the A7 might do you better.
    I'd think about $400 would be my ceiling for what you've listed. It's a good bow, good arrows, good sight, but all "used". If it's exactly what your looking for, great, but if there is some part of the list your not after, you have to hold a line.
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    Default apex 7or 8

    one of the best bows matthews has made . they just brought them back this year youll see them priced [bare]400.00 to 450.00 the most winning bow ever made......level 2 coach here mike 66

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