User Reputation and Changes to the look of the forum.
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    Default User Reputation and Changes to the look of the forum.

    I changed the look of the forum a bit tonight in case you didn't notice.
    I also added a REPUTATION bar below the users name.

    This allows you to add or subtact to the user Reputation. What this means is if you feel the poster deserves a boost or made a really good post or thread give them a positive rating addition. Also if they post something you just totally disagree with, you can give them a negative to their reputation as well.

    The more reputation a user has, the more credibility they have since this is controlled by the members of this forum.

    Let me give an example, if someone just blatantly bashes a product for no reason, they deserve a to get a negative. Now if they a legitimate problem with a product they own, then they don't deserve a positive or a negative. Now, if a user gives great tuning information on explain how to do something better, give them a positive.

    Does it really do anything? No, but it gives members and idea who are the top posters and who have received the most respect and credibility from the members of

    If you have a negative reputation, it will appear in red instead of green

    You also have to be an active member (quite a few posts) in order to give or retract from users reputation score.

    Why did I enable the reputation feature? With all the constant bashing, flaming, etc on some of the other forum, this will enable the users of the board to police themselves. You will now know what the members of this forum think about your posts which could be good or bad.
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