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    Smile Questions about a Hoyt Cam

    I recently purchased a Hoyt Viper with Redline limbs and it was supposed to be 29" draw like I normally shoot. It turns out its long for me and I'm trying to find out if I can shorten the draw length. It has a Cam and a wheel set up. The Cam has 3 pegs on each side, numbered 1, 2, 3 on each side of the cam.

    The Cam is a RL8 R HO , String 92.5, BC 32.5, Weight 60-70.

    I have went to the Hoyt web site and I cant find one like it in thier manuals. They only list the Viper for 99 and 2000 but It may be older because it has the solid limbs.

    Anyway, I would be thankful for any help I can get.

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    Your not looking in the right year....I am 100% positive your not looking at the right bow because there were no XT 2000 limbs in 1999....they didn't come out until 2000.

    But the Viper with redline cams and solid limbs is a 2000 model. The cam is draw length specific so if you need a new cam your going to have to hope you stumble across one since they haven't made that cam since 2003. There is a little adjustment in moving the draw stop peg but not a ton. But if you just got the bow I would bet that it also needs new strings and cables....they have probably stretched a bit causing the draw to be long also.

    What is your draw length?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeaper View Post
    it was supposed to be 29" draw like I normally shoot. .
    29" Draw

    I changed the pegs and put a few more twist in the string and it feels comfortable now. I dont have to over extend my left arm and the sight picture is steady.
    I'll see how this works out. It has a new string on it also.


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