Set up is contender elite, 26 3/4 draw, 45 lbs. I have my x jammers at full length 33" and a 210 grain point. I'm getting a consistent left tear unless I move the rest in towards the riser. That will get rid of the tear but I would like to have the rest more center.

Tuning charts say to stiffen arrow but i don't always agree. A lot of times in the past I found a under spine arrow worked better. Anyways, I'm asking any one who has experience w/ these shafts, would you add to the point weight to make them less stiff or would u cut them down to stiffen them?

On another note, these long arrows w/ the heavy point are a pain in the butt to keep on the arrow rest while drawing the bow. Any ideas on this? I know it is not nock pinch because the other arrows I try work just fine. Just a pain. The rest is a hoyt lizard tounge with the .010 blade.

Thanks in advance