I went today to shoot the new invasion. I had a feeling this was going to be the most amazing bowtech ever to show its face. fastest, quietest, smoothest and all the good stuff..

WELL.. I, personally was not all too impressed. it had a lot of vibration and a "humm" sound at the shot, so a tad bit of noise was present. it sounded like a little bit of string noise. i am sure thats where the buzz and vib. came from. like Chris on here said, its a great center pivot, but its NOT a guardian or general. it is very VERY well balanced though, and has a SOLID wall. it was like a bow with a draw stop that stops on the limb. they did something right there, thats for sure.

besides that, it was just like a destroyer. same draw cycle and everything like that. good stuff. i think some slightly better string silencers would then make that go away.

I shot the assassin next to it.. it has a tiny "thump" and thats it. does not have the vibration felt and heard that the invasion had. the destroyer and assassin did not have that.

so, to step outside of the box, i shot the CRX against them. this had probably the smoothest draw, the same little "thump" sound that the destroyer and assassin had, but seemed to be the smoothest draw of the group of above mentioned bows.

the confusion: this was two areas. could the vibration/humm sound on the invasion sound/feel come from the FLX guard? and second, the centerpivot bows tend to be the quietest and "shock" free bows, so how does this one come out on the bottom.

also, the "bridged" riser on the hoyt bows, i believe is said to stiffen the riser, so just how much stiffer? is there a real big difference here?