would like to find some information about draw lenght and speed, after watch some of 2008/2009 product review on bow,
on IBO most shot from 29" and 70# will give the IBO speed well i wonder about 30" and 70# will it give any of extra speed than 29" DL ?

long and short arrow, wonder 28" give another speed than 29" arrow ?
i just make little adjust on arrow rest was shoot a 28 3/4" arrow now plan to shorter to 28 1/2" arrow
and plan on shoot from 388.95 to 377.55 gr arrow after do some arrow weight and stuffs on goldtip site..

xt hunter 28.5 total 388.95 incudle 100 gr head
xt velocity 28.5 total 377.55 sane 100 gr head