7th year bowhunter
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    Smile 7th year bowhunter

    i am trying to get some feedback about dropaway rest never tried one looking at mach 4 mt by black gold archery this one does not have any cables or can anyone advise about any of them that are quiet and reliable please advise thankyou.

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    Default Talk To Your Pro

    They all shoot reasonably well. My personal preference is the cabled drop aways although Muzzy makes a darn nice Zero Effect rest. A couple of years ago I had a Trap Door which worked fine but when I switched to a Trophy Ridge Trophy Taker rest my 300 target scores increased by 15 points immediately.

    Your best bet

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    I currently use 2 . The trophy taker on my target bow and a quick tune 2000 on my hunting bow. I found the quick tune easier to set up and adjust but the Trophy taker has a better arrow holder for the riser. Both are solid platform once setup. The Trophy taker was more expensive(70 ) compared to the quick tune (48). Hope this info helps. I prefer the quick tune but thats just my 2 cents.

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    Default 7th year bowhunter

    thanks for the input any more feedback greatly appreciated

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    Default It all depends....

    I guess it all depends upon how much you want to spend. Here's some general advice I give:

    If you really want to excel at this sport then spend the bulk of your time on the target range. Shoot spots. Learn good form. Develop good habits. As you develop those then you'll find the transition to 3D and hunting much easier. It's much better to learn what target panic is while trying to hit a 1-1/2" circle at 20 yards than a 12 point buck at 20 yards. As for the arrow rest, you can go broke trying to buy the best in this sport and believe me, there are a lot of good companies out there willing to take your money. That brings me back to spots. If you find that you can shoot a 300 round and shoot a 275 then you'll find that a drop away rest may help you. That's not a guarantee either as some of the best target archers in the world will tell you (lots of these guys shoot fixed spring rests).

    What I'm trying to say is that if you're shooting less than 275 then you'll have better success working on your form; your equipment probably has less to do with your prowess on the range. If you're shooting higher than 275, then you're entering the zone where better equipment may help.

    If you're not familiar with target archery or the term "300 round" please feel free to contact me back and I'll explain.

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    Default there are a few good ones

    I have a NAP Quicktune 2000 on my hunting bow and a Copper John AlleyCat on my target bow; they both work well. The alleycat is good for target, but I wouldn't use it for hunting. There are better ones out there for hunting than either.

    Most folks that have tried them like the Trophy Taker rests, probably the top rated. I've met several that like Muzzy's Zero Effect, and I have shot one and it is smooth. I'll probably trade my NAP for the new Cobra drop-away. It is obviously a Trophy Taker replica with a bit of a twist on the arrow holder; it's located on the arm of the rest itself; a very simple design, about $50, and I like cheap and simple.

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    I use NAP QT 4000's on both of my Hoyt's, here's my set up:
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