So I am moving to the city in ~ 2 months for my new job that I just took to replace my old job that unfortunately prevented me from shooting at all this season. During the summer of 2010, I put together the following killer set-up, and couldn't wait to actually use it.

As previously mentioned, after I was sidelined by surgery for a couple weeks and required to play catch up at work...that didn't happen. Now I just took a job in the city, which will most likely have the same result this year - so I wanted to give someone with comparable enthusiasm about the sport the opportunity to have this set up for a ridiculous deal.... and actually USE it.

The following is for sale (all items apart from the bow were bought in November, 2010 and only used about 5 times as well - I still have the boxes that I can put each individual piece in (see pictures)

- Mathews Drenalin LD, RH & Camo ~ Basically brand new [Shot ~5 times to sight in, but never actually hunted with] - 29 inch cam, 60 lbs

- MTO, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 (6 arrows) - Come ready to shoot, with blazer vanes, bulldog knock collars, 100 grain field tip points, and BRAND NEW NAP Hellrazor Broadheads (4-pack)

- G5 MagLoc Quiver with Magnetic Riser, Sight Mounting System

- Trophy Ridge Hit Man Micro 5-Pin Bow Sight

- Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot (Large)

- Sims Limbsaver S-Coil Stabilizer (Easton 3D Stabilizer included as well)

- Tru-Fire Bear Paw Release, Med/Lrg RH

- Allen Braided Bow Sling

- Factory String, freshly waxed with newly installed Peep Sight

All of these items are essentially brand new - which should be apparent in the attached pictures. This entire set up brand new is well over $1,000, which is pretty close to exactly what you're getting with this package.

Shoot me a quick email if you are interested in making an offer - I am open to all REASONABLE offers, and should be able to get back to you rather quickly to answer further questions or concerns you may have - Thanks for looking!