I've often wondered as of lately anyway, what's holding me back, alot of what i've read and experienced first hand is, that when you reach a certain level of consistency, archery becomes EXTREMELY mental. I completely understand, what i dont get or at least havent mastered yet, is how to work on the mental part, like i can work on a release, or consistent grip. I understand not every shoot, whether it be league, a tournament, or just on the range, wont be a victory, or result in a perfect score, but what i need to peg down is how to hit a good consistent average, and not very much from there. It's a work in progress, it's all a game, and i NEED to understand that to advance, and have fun.

That being said, i know what's stopping me for the most part, and I know it's not a great idea to talk about what you do wrong, and im not here, im more or less identifying what i need to fix in order to get to the next level.

Im just curious to see what other people are getting held back by, or maybe you've made it, i want everyone's opinion on here, id love to get some pros in on this, just so see what has helped them advance to the places id love to be.