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    Lol, im an idiot, my fault.

    anything i've read about yardage it just comes down to believing in your number, and making a strong shot. yardage isnt nearly as mental as the mechanics of a good shot, I guess maybe getting to level i want is more of a chipping away at things, rather than leaps and bounds. I'll get there either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supermag View Post
    Here's a problem that I've run into from time to time. When dealing with unmarked yardage, how do you seperate the shot from the yardage estimation or do you? I've had times where I've either had a perfect shot but blew the yardage or pushed the shot and was dead on with my yardage.
    Once you have your shot, you will know when you missed a part of the process because you will have learned that the result (score) isn't the goal. Yardage is another animal altogether.
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