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    Default Need help understanding spine when selecting arrows

    I've been out of archery for 4-5 years now, and while I loved it when I was in it before, I would never consider myself more than a novice.

    I've got a conquest 4, 28" draw, mini-max somewhere around 50-55lbs. From TAP, to GoldTip and Victory's sites, the recommended spine for my setup seems to be ~400.

    I shoot indoor paper, and 3D. I was thinking of trying to shoot the GoldTip 22 Pros, or the Victory 22 HVs, but the spine is much stiffer. I know I can go longer, or heavier tips, but I'd like to shoot for 300-330 grains.

    So the question is...

    Is it unrealistic to be shooting the 22s with my setup (and desired weight)? I know too soft of a spine introduces flex, but is there a down side to being too stiff?

    As an aside, if I'm trying for a single setup for both, is there an advantage to feathers or vanes?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S I've also been considering the cxl 250 pros. seem to spine right, but the bigger diameter concerns me outside in the wind. Thoughts?

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    Wow. 20 views, and not a single suggestion? I was sure hoping someone would have some insight....

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    If you're just using them with field points and shooting with a release then you can probably get away with using a stiffer arrow like the 22s but you'll have to do a bit of playing with arrow length and point weight to get them tuned just right for your setup. There are people shooting much stiffer arrows than this with similar setups to yours.

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    The Wife is shooting GT 22's @ 29 inches with 80 grains in the nose 3 2.3 VanTech SS and pin nocks. They shoot really well paper tuned to bullet hole. She is a 26 inch draw @ 57 pounds w/ her Bow Tech Alliegence. They are shooting 277 FPS. So I would think they will be alright. Just have to find out what length and tip weight.

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    Welcome to the site!
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    Hello, and welcome to this site, post often.

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