I travel alot for a construction company, I go all over the united states. I have been to a ton of bow shops and ranges public and private. Most ranges have posted range rules weather it public, private or at a bow shop. WELL I went to a range in GA today to finish sighting in my new bow and there was a father and several boys there maybe 5 boys in total. The father was trying out a stickbow he had built himself. I stopped at a fast food joint to get something to eat before I shot. While I was sitting in my truck eating I watched the father shoot. The targets had 4' by 4' butts. The father was having problems hitting the 4' by 4' backstop with his newly built bow and I had a bad feeling from the git go. I walked up with my case and quiver and began setting up all the while watching the father who hit the backstop roughly 3 out of 6 shots...ok no biggie. So i finished getting set up and walked up to the line, took one shot and wanted to walk down range to take a look(there was a pretty good cross wind). He was moving his childrens stuff off the line over to the picnic table. I yelled down range and went to retrieve my arrow. While pulling my arrow I hear a thunk, thunk thunk. He was shooting while I was pulling my arrow. Holy crap forget about all the range rules at this place its survival of the smartest here. I walked up to the line and packed my stuff and left. I didn't even say anything to this guy I didn't think it was worth since his kids were squirrel hunting in a public park with bows and were no better shot than their father. Ok so how do people get away with doing thing like this. That was the most dangerous situation I have been involved in quite some time and I had zero control of the situation. I called a buddy and told him about it and he asked me if we had words and I said no actually I was so scared I that never even crossed my mind. Please let me remind you that 3 out of 6 arrows weren't even hitting the 4' by 4' back stop. SO my question is what would you have done because I have never encountered something like this ever. Most places will threaten to kick a guy out if he even nocks an arrow while someone is down range. WOW just though I would share how my afternoon went.