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    Default DNR shooting deer right next to school?

    This was just sent to me via email.
    What do you think of this? All in the name of CWD.

    As a hunter, license purchaser and tax payer, it seems we have no say in what the DNR does. They do what they want, when they want and have nobody to answer to, especially us the taxpayers.

    Why should I have to pay for a deer tag when their goal is to shoot as many as possible with no tag restrictions or bag limits?
    Why should they be allowed to bait deer when it is illegal for me to do the same?
    Why should they be allowed to use rifles when it is illegal for me to do the same?
    Why should they be allowed to hunt at night when it is illegal for me to do the same?

    In 2009 the deer harvest was low, the DNR stated it was because there was so much standing corn and the deer were hiding in it. This year we had a harvest count that was even lower and you had 99% of the crops harvested. It should have been the best deer harvest we have seen in years but it was lower than 2009.

    If the DNR in your state slaughtered thousands of deer in your area, would you be pissed?
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