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Thread: check this out

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    Default check this out

    one of my customers did a video on arrow penetration on youtube . called arrow penetration part 1 and part 2 . what surprised me was that when he was done i shot my compound at the jell it was 12 inches thick . my field point penetrated 34 inches before it stopped . then i shot same arrow with a 1 3/8 ramcat and there was only a 6 inch difference 28 inchs from the front of the gell to wehere the tip stopped . still have the gell will have to try a couple more time before i really know how it did but that was the results on the first try . he ended up with a little more penetration with his 350 arrow at 214 then he did with his 562 at 175 .maybe some can move the videos over here from youtube.

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    Just put the youtube links here and the videos will appear.
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    Easier to follow in full screen mode.
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