Hi all, my name is Jake and I just found this place. I quickly scanned the site and did not locate a specific spot for new member introductions so I thought I would check in here.

I am a Calif transplant to the White Mountain area of N/E Az, just outside of Show Low. I am a former (14yr) LEO and I currently work as a Explosive Detector Dog Hanlder / Trainer in the Baghdad Iraq area.

It has been a long time (2007) since I last messed with archery since I was relieved of my PSE and all my gear while I was overseas by someone who I guess thought they needed it more than I did. I am home on leave for another few days and went to my local bow shop and played with a Mathews Z7 Extreme. I really liked it and think on my next trip home I will be picking one up.

Anyways, just wanted to intro myself and say hi to every one.

Jake T.