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    Default Shooter shirts $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Was looking in some of the catalogs and man!! Mathews $80, Easton $60, Tru Ball $50 (with name on it $70). Looks like it costs a lot to look like the pros.

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    Just to advertise for them. I used to wear hoyt shirts and hats and easton hats. Then I realized the only thing they ever gave me was my product which i paid full price for. Thank you very much

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    You would think they would sell those shirts at a lower price, even if it was a break-even price for the company. Because after all you are a walking billboard advertising their product.
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    they pay me not to wear their shirts and caps
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    Default Shooter shirt

    Big as I am, they should pay me to wear one.

    Walking Billboard.

    Those Hoyt Shirts just look to Gay for me.

    One would think they would sale them at cost or better.
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    i know the sublimated shirts just cost a lot to begin with, and that seems to be what everyone is going to.
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    Default shooter shirt

    I'm loking at buying safety green shirts for the shooters in my family, having name ebroidered on them and having fun while out there shooting while blinding everyone on the course with bright green.

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