Bow Torque, How much does your bow have?
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    Lightbulb Bow Torque, How much does your bow have?

    Hello All,
    Attached are two pdf files, Tilt Tamer Torque, How its Measured and Tilt Tamer Bow Torque Chart.
    First read “How it’s measured” and then read the results on the “Bow torque chart”
    Individual bows of the same model and year will measure differently due to manufacturing tolerances and assembly. All bows I have examined with cables that are offset generate cam tilt and therefore bow torque.

    You will note that this year there have been several companies addressing the issue of cam tilt and bow torque. This is a good thing for the archery community as we will all benefit from torque elimination. More accurate easier to shoot bows will be the result.
    You can achieve similar results with your existing bow by upgrading it with a Tilt Tamer. Even if you don’t purchase my tilt tamer, you have already benefited from the information I have just shared with you. “Accuracy Matters”
    Best Regards
    Joe Marzullo
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