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Thread: Indoor setups??

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    Default Indoor setups??

    Looking to start shooting some indoors. Not real familiar with it I've shot 3d all my life butvnever shot any indoors. What kind of setups do you guys use? Stabilizer length? Sight? Magnification? I'm just trying to get a fill for things. Anything will help. Thanks, Justin

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    Default Indoor

    Shoot big shafts because speed dont matter.

    Most freestylers shoot a black dot on lens.
    Elite bows, Vortex Binos, Trophy Taker sights, Carter releases, Goldtip Arrows. CBE sights, Vapor Trail Strings, B Stinger stabilizers

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    Contender Eilte
    XT 3000 limbs
    30" B stinger stabilzer
    10" side bar
    6x Surlock scope with a big black dot
    Shoot Off and Longhorn III release, depend on which one is going off better on any given day.
    Gold Tip XXX arrows with 150 grains in the tips

    If I had it to buy again the only thing I would change is the lense.....6x is to big and you see to much movement, I would like to try a 4x lense.

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    What are you shooting for 3D? You don't need anything different really to shoot indoors.

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    It might help to turn the weight down. Those 20 yard paper targets don't care how long it takes the arrow to get there, but that X ring is a lot smaller than the 10 ring on a 3D target. And 60 arrows in a couple hours can be grueling if you're drawing a 3D setup.

    To start you can use the equipment you have. Maybe as you prgress you'll get a desire to get a whole new setup or just refine what you have.
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