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And NOT my point. What I am saying is that every ANTI crossbow argument I hear today, is the exact same thing I heard 40 years ago from people arguing AGAINST the compound bow.
I didn't understand it then, I don't understand it now. It opens the door for more people to become involved in hunting. Which would you rather see in the woods, a crossbow hunter who is at least moderately proficient with that weapon? Or someone who picks up a compound 3 days before the season starts? I see it here all the time, rifle hunters who take 2 shots the day before the season starts, they own an old compound for archery season that gets dusted off a day or two before the season starts. If someone can be accurate with the crossbow, more power to him.
You hit it right. The people that are against crossbows just want the woods to them self is what I think.

The youth cannot pull a bow that is legal in Ohio at 8 years old. I never called you an anti but being against the crossbow is just giving them support.