Left Handed Bows for Sale

My job changed and I can’t shoot much any more, so here are a few bows to sell, all of my bows were new when I got them and I for the most part did all the maintenance.

All bows are in great condition, you may find a mark from the rest or sight but that’s a given, all strings cables and cams are in good shape nothings, cracked tweaked or bent, the folks that know me, know that the equipment was well taken care of.

300.00 -- Mathews Switchback, -- Camo 29.5” draw length -- 60-70 lbs
An awesome shooting bow one of my all time favorites, I never wanted to get rid of it, it has shot very well, I used it in many demos shooting aspirins off of straws for youth events. It was used for hunting when I first got it as well.

$500.00 -- Mathews Reezen 6.5, -- Camo 29.5” draw length -- 60-70 lbs
I shot a little 3D with this bow and used it for hunting the fall of 2009

$450.00 -- Mathew’s Prestige, -- Black with camo limbs, 29.5 draw length – 60-70 lbs
One of my favorites for shooting animal round leagues, 3D and hunting a tack driver for sure.

$450.00 -- Mathew’s Apex 7 -- Black with camo limbs, 29.5 draw length –60-70 lbs
I used this bow for 3D a few years; I had it shooting well for 3D and didn’t want to mess with it for switching things around for spot targets or hunting.

$550.00 – Mathews Monster -- 6” camo 29.5 draw length – 60-70 lbs
I shot some of my best ever 3D scores with this bow, a great 3D bow for sure. This bow came with the deep grove cams and I also put the focus grip on it. I also have the 29” mods for this bow so it allows you to play around with the draw length to see what works best.

$500.00 – Mathew’s Apex 7 -- Gold 29.5 draw length – 50-60 lbs
I used this bow for indoor spots, outdoor field, the Apex 7 shot very well and the gold color looks sharp

$500.00 – Mathew’s Conquest 4 -- Blue 29.5 draw – 40-50 lbs
I have a Conquest 4 in a 60 pounder that I love for shooting outdoor field and the Redding shoot as well as some 3D and being a big favorite I thought I would like the same setup in a lower poundage for indoor, but for me the 60 pounder or the Triumph tend to get used over this bow. It’s a great shooting bow that just does not get used much, so it’s for sale. Note this is a C4 that’s 40-50 lbs

I will follow up with pictures here soon, any questions ask away

Jeff Heeg