I Got my bow balanced a couple months ago, and i left everything the way it was when i got it, i never changed the angle of my back bar, because thats how my stabilizer guy set it up, so i figured it was best. Lately i've noticed my float being fast, and erratic, i've read a little about stabilization and knew that if my float was fast and choppy like that, if i played around w my mass weight, or my draw weight i could fix it, i either needed to add more mass weight to the bow, or lighten my Draw weight....so i tried taking 1/2-1 full turn out of my bolts, and it didnt do anything really, well i bumped it today, and it loosened up to where i could needed to retighten it, so before i did i moved it around to see if i liked any other angles better.....well about an inch more to the left, (away from my string) cause my back bar is on the left side of my bow to offset my sight, and my float seemed to be absolutely perfect. It was erratic, or choppy, it was slower and seemed to sit in the center much better, everything tightened up and i went from shooting around the X inside the 10 ring (vegas face) to literally shooting the same holes inside the X. what im getting at is that i would have never imagined that an inch of adjustment could make such a dramatic difference in my shooting.