I am looking for some ideas.

I have shot my bow for a boy scout "Arrow of Light" award, held a homeschooling archery class, and had a couple kids out to my house to shoot a little. All of these kids are members of my church.

all of these kids are crazy about archery, but have never really been around it except for me!

So, here is my dilema. I have had parents ask me if I can teach their kids. I have 2 small compound bows. I am not sure how to go about setting them up. I would have to take the bows into the shop since I don't have the tools. So I won't be able to adjust for every kid. Can I set them up for a range of sizes?
Should the kids start out with traditional bows rather than compound? (I don't have any traditional bows)
Start them shooting fingers, no sights?

Or would it just be better to send them over to the archery shop for lessons?

Help! I would love to teach these kids but don't know where to start!