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    Default right or left helical twist

    Can someone tell me why I would want a right or left helical twist on my arrows? I am going to start fletching my own arrows and don't know why one direction is different that another. If it make any difference I shoot a right handed bow. Any advise?

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    Don't know bout vanes but did run into a knowledgeable fella who had an opinion on feathers. He claims that the turkeys, since the dawn of time, have always fought with their right wing. Based on that, he felt that the feathers from the right wing would have more damage than the left wing feathers. After thinking about that for a while I came up with my own theory. I feel that if them turkeys have always fought with their right wing, those feathers over time would become genetically stronger. Hmmm....after much more thought there could be more to this. What if the coriolis effect had something to do with it. That would mean that turkeys in the northern hemisphere would fight with their right wing and the birds from the southern hemisphere would fight with their left that be left in the north and right in the south??? ...............

    Drag on the back side of an arrow is the same wheather it comes from a right or left helix of equal angle.

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    Back in my recurve days, I was always told that a right handed shooter should shoot left wing. The reason being that it rotated the arrow away from the window of the bow. I don't know if this theory has any merit.---The way bows are built now when the arrow is at center shot there is ample room on either side of the arrow so it shouldn't matter which wing you use. I think also the arrow rest play a big part. Use to the arrow rest was attached to the window of the bow. I still use either a left helical or a straight clamp with left offset.---I'm sure you will get a better answer that what I offered.
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    I dont think it matters. With Turkey Feathers, Mickey may have a point. Im a lefty and I fletch left. When I have bought fletched arrows, they have been right and I cant tell the diff.

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    I'm looking to use a helical on my fletchings too. I was told a left twist would loosen the tips.

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    thats true, use a small piece of a plastic bread bag or walmart bag as thread locking tape and that problemo is solved.
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