Bought a Tomkat that was advertised as a 2005 60# with 28" draw and all the mods. Got it today and now don't know what I got. The numbers on the riser are D4700-0130, the draw mod on the bow has the letters (I 3) on it. I checked the draw weight and it measures 65# bottomed out and 2 1/2 turns out down to 60#. the extra mods are marked IF1 IF3 If5 IF6 IF7 IF9 and IF11 I checked the draw length and it is right at 30"
I checked as much as I could on the net and am a little confused. Went to Bowtech web site and the owners manual list A to A at 32 1/2" but on their same site list A to A as 31". This one is set up at 31 7/16. any guidance would be appreciated. If it is a matter of just finding the right module and adjusting A to A them I am game. If it is more I will probably ask i=him to take it back. Your thoughts please!!!