The last 3 weeks on the Hunt for a Vegas Win:

First I got to go to Lancaster Archery Classic in Lancaster PA and shoot that shoot (My first time)
I was able to win and set a new record for score.

Than off to Vegas for the World Archery Festival Vegas Shoot after setting up our
Alpine Archery booth helping other sponsors with there set up.

(Please notice the targets from out great shooters, we hung everyone’s targets
and by the end of Sunday we had the whole booth covered.)

As a group All Alpine Shooters and Friends headed to Fremont St. for some fun.
( We headed down with 33 and lost a few along the way LOL)

I was able to put up 3 solid scores for my first Vegas Championship on Sunday afternoon.

On of the neat part of my trip was taking my son Hunter who got his first taste of Vegas finishing in the middle of the pack at 17th and one really proud dad…

Special thanks to the following:
My Archery coaches over the years:
Fred Baum and David Giles
Wednesday night league group
Alpine Archery
Nikon Sport optics
Copper John/ Stan
Gold Tip Arrows
Specialty Archery Scopes
Stone Mt. Bow Strings
Sims Vibration Lab.
Gateway Feather
Predator Camo
Tech Wear Shooting Shirts
Arrowspeed Radarchron
Muzzy products
Montana Decoys
Trophy Taker
AMS Bowfishing
Delta Inc.
Bowmaster Bow Press
Mental Management Systems

Without my Sponsors none of this is possible.
We have to promote the Sport of Archery……Or we all lose

My Bow Set up :

Alpine Archery Concorde @ 58lbs
Stone Mt. Dakota Bowstrings
Copper John ANTS sight bar
Specialty Archery Scope/ Homemade Up pin
Specialty Archery Peep
Stan Super X Trio Large
Gold Tip XXX with 150 gr
Lumenok (Red) nock
B-Stinger 12in with a 14oz up front and
B-Stinger single V-Bar with 8oz
Trophy Taker spring steel #10 narrow blade