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Thread: Poor visibility

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    Default Poor visibility

    i've been shooting pins for awhile, shot open awhile back, but wasnt as good of a shooter as i am now.
    Lately, last year (indoors mostly) and some outdoor, my picture would be so dark it was hard to see the targets, and cost me points, this happened last week at my 3-d league, it's tough on certain targets, really dark, and gets irritating....i thought maybe it was just my peep not being lined up, and when i fixed that, it did help some, but what im asking is on certain shots, and certain targets, having all those pins in my housing makes being accurate difficult. i'll pick a spot on the target and when i get settled in and start aiming, its a little dark, and gona play around with a few things this week, but what im asking is, how much has it helped you guys and your shooting making the switch from pins to a scope....or maybe you didnt ever shoot pins, u just started with a tired of having visibility issues and want it fixed.

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    I started having the same problem at the beginning of indoor this year. One thing that helped is going with a verifier in my peep (pink works best for me). You may want to test a couple out and see if it helps clear up the pins just a bit.
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