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    Default Carbon Express arrow oppinion

    Hey guys/gals I was wondering if anyone has shot or shooting the CX line jammer or x-jammer arrows, what your oppinion. I ordered a dozen today I believe the line jammers, the smaller diameter of the 2. I ordered these for indoor spot and possibly use them when I start shooting 3-D. What would you suggest using for fletching? At this time I'm using the maxima arrow with blazer vanes, I just figured maybe the bigger diameter arrow will give me the edge to improve my score a little. Thanks for your oppinions and suggestions. I will still be using the maxima arrows for hunting.

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    because you are using them for both indoors and outdoors, don't go too huge on the vanes. 2"-3" vanes. I would lean to the 3" as it's a good compromise. Not overly small for indoors and not too big for outdoors.
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    I think bowman shoots those. How bout it adam whats your take buddy??


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    I like both of those arrows although the X-jammers are extremly stiff......I like linejammers......will be trying cxl2 this indoor season.....

    Maxima's are my favorite arrow from Carbon Express right now....and know that they are comming out w/a 3d select version of the maxima I think they will have the perfect arrow.....not too small.....not too large....not too heavy.....not to light.....and the straightness tollerances are very exceptable....
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    I shoot the Carbon Express Linejammers for 3-D and spots and they shoot pretty damn good outa my Tribute. I shot my first 300 game in 5 spots with em'. They are a fine shaft. I wish they were American made tho.

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