Even though I've been a member of this forum since '09, I haven't made my first post until the other day. I got back into archery after having my house broken into when I was living in Sydney, and all my archery gear was stolen, about ten years ago. I got the insurance money for my bow and other gear, but used it to pay off bills, etc, I promised myself I'd get back into it again, but never did until May '09 when I started a new job. One of my new workmates was into archery, and was president of the local 3D archery club. I went out for a shoot using a recurve and scored ok on the first day, which fired up my passion for archery again. I bought a cheap second hand Darton Cyclone (recurve limb) compound and used that shooting fingers and barebow for a while, then went to sights and release, and practised, practised, practised.

Bought the Avalanche at the beginning of last year and decided to use that for 3D only, while I delegating the Cyclone soley to hunting duties.

I love both my Darton bows and love the sport of archery (obsessed is probably a better description) and love bowhunting, having killed my first feral pig on my own 172 acre property at the end of summer last year. It was only a little one, but a good eating size and I nailed it from about 8 metres with a 100gr mechanical. Since then, the pigs have all but disappeared, probably due to the heavy rains we've had in Oz over the last couple of months.

I'm now the Secretary / Treasurer / Website Admin of the club I started off with, the "RSM Copeton Waters 3D Archery Club" based in Inverell, in the Northern-New England region of Northern New South Wales, Australia. If anyone want's to check out how we do things in Oz, and have a look at some great 3d shoot photo's, feel free to drop by at http://www.skymesh.net.au/~mattakana...3darchery.html.

I look forward to contributing to this forum...