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    Default Hydra Press or Bow Master Bowpress

    I was wondering what the limitations were on the Hydra Press bow press and that portable BowMaster Bowpress I've seen on-line. I would not use this very often, like for doing my own strings or anything, just for the occasional peep site or silencer. The portable Bow Master looks like it would work with just about any bow if you got the extra bracket guides, but I don't know if the Hydra Press is limited to certain style bows. I would primarily be using it on my PSE Bowmadness XL or my Hoyt AlphaMax, do you guys think the Hydra Press standard would work for this, or would that little portable cable Bow Master work for the occasional tweak I may need to do?

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    Don't know about hydra press but I have done every thing with my Bowmaster. I have changed limbs on my XLR and changed cams on my Z28.

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    The bowmaster is great use it on my Carbon Matrix & wifes power hawk. Works fine for all we want to do.

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    The hydra is a press, the bowmaster is a minimalist tool that will work in a pinch.
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