Hi guys,

Some of you will know the community website we have been building for a while for all archers (CompoundBowChoice.com).

Just wanted to let you know that we recently added the ability to select compound bows by year (in addition to many other useful selectors such as specs, etc.)

Now you can select the exact year or year range and find all bows manufactured within a particular period. Hope you will find this feature very useful. Once again, this is all free to use as always - enjoy!

Here is how to check it out:
1) Just visit the archery community website
2) Go to any 'brand', 'reviews', 'where to buy' page
3) Observe the new 'year selector' block
4) enter the year/range and click the search button

Please provide your feedback in this thread on whether or not you find it useful. As always, if you have any other suggestions feel free to share. We are excited to add more features for you guys to enjoy.