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    Default Listed speeds of bows

    Chance for you knowledgeable guys to educate me on the topic of listed speeds for different bows. I assume that when manufacturers list the speeds their bow of capable of, they do so at the maximum poundage for the bow, correct?

    What weight arrow is used, is there some sort of industry standard?

    Also, if I were to use a chrony to measure my own arrow speeds with various setups, what would be the recommended distance to set the chrony up at? Is there an industry standard for that as well?

    I have access to an F1 chrony that a friend uses for his guns, I assume if the arrow is shot at the proper distance, both from the device and above the sensor, it would work just as well as the ones sold exclusively for archery, correct? The only difference I can see between archery specific brands is that they come with lights above the diffusers for indoor shooting. Am I missing something here?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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    IBO speeds are listed from bows shot at 70# 30" draw shooting 5 grains per pound. Some companies are actually pretty close to attaining IBO speeds in the real world.

    Hoyt's speeds are usually conservative, Mathews tends to inflate their IBO speeds more than anyone else.

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    To have a 30" draw ,your probably 6'1"+.28" is probably the most common and 2" draw makes a huge difference in obtaining IBO speeds.
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    To add to what Dan said, you shoot over the Chrony as close as possible with about 4' being a decent average. The arrow doesn't slow down that much in a couple feet to make a difference. And so far as I know a Chronograph is a chronograph. The only one I'm aware of being made just for archery is the one (forget the name) that mounts in the stabilizer hole of a bow. The ones that are freestanding or mount to a tripod are not dedicated to just archery.
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