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Thread: GT pin nocks!

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    Default GT pin nocks!

    I hate using the uni bushing system on the series 22 arrows, and decided to try the pin bushing system out...(had bad luck in the past with other pin bushing systems)
    Anyway, i put the bushing in, and put on the small pin nocks they give you, i'll only be shooting around 60#, but these things look TINY!! Are these nocks going to be able to withstand hundreds and hundreds of shots or, am i better off doing a different nock system.
    I tried bohning pin nocks, but those look like they are off center, a very weird system. these seem like they fit well, just want to make sure im doing the right thing, group testing with all the nock systems tomorrow.

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    I forget one size off the top of my head, but there is a G nock uni bushing size that works on S22 shafts. I dont like pin nocks, but lots of guys I know use em. They are using GT pin bushings and other various other brand Pon nocks, Easton, Bohning etc.
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    They aren't designed to withstand hundreds of shots... most people who use them keep a bag in their quiver or pocket and change them frenquently...
    Originally they were designed to be easily changed when needed as was the pin... (see Easton pins) GT's pin isn't as easily changed but the nock is..

    For some reason people forget that the nock is a very important item in accuracy and that little piece of plastic wears...
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    We found the pin nock system to be very accurate out of a hooter shooter. They do wear out though. If your shooting a very fast bow (ie 340+), choose the HD pin nock or the Bohning pin nocks.

    Javi's right, you do have to change them more often because they will crack easier than a standard nock will.

    That said, with the increased accuracy and far less chance of ending up with a broken shaft, I will keep shooting pin nocks for 3D and Field Archery.
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    The new GT hd pin nocks are alot more durable than the original. But both work great and are very accurate.
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    Ask dicksenn about the original Gold Tip pin nocks You will go a different route afterward.

    As said, the Gold Tip HD or the Bohning are two durable pin nocks.

    I always buy the clear or translucent colors, you can see the hairline cracks before a more serious issue arrises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by okarcher View Post
    The new GT hd pin nocks are alot more durable than the original. But both work great and are very accurate.
    I would hope Gold Tip has changed them. I shot some of the originals about 4 years ago. All was good with the green ones, but when I switched to white they would break while shooting at 20 yards indoors. They didn't seem to break at the shot. All I know is that when I pulled my arrows the nocks were gone. I did some looking and found all the pieces laying in front of the targets so I only assumed they were breaking from the impact. Didn't take me long to nix them and go back to Easton G-Nocks which is what I had shot for many years.

    For those interested in knowing it's the Easton 2115-2117 bushing that fits the 22 series.
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