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Thread: 12 years

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    Default 12 years

    i have been shooting the answer release for a least 12 years for both target and hunting .and have done very well with it . ive tried release after release and no matter what i try once in a while a arrow gets away from me . and if im shooting a 3d tournament that one shot can get me . but finally i think i found one that works for me . i tried a scat t handle. and was able to change my whole style to make it work in less than 10 days. some of you guys call these training type releases . but not me i had 3 answers all set different the one i used regually was set so it was real hard to get a shot off . and i stuck with it for 12 years .drove the guys i shot with nuts because sometimes i would punch it a couple time before i got it to fire and was still able to keep it on target .wouldnt mind staying with the answer but there getting hard to find and you cant get parts to fix them . i have one thats totally done and the other two have bunches through them . so i guess its time for a change .

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    that is a long time to stick with one release

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