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    Question Possible target foam?

    I was at the upholstery store the other day with my girlfriend and happened upon a 24x24x24 block of green foam. It was labeled "ottoman foam" and was fairly dense. Not nearly as hard as a target you would find at your local sporting goods store but at $30 it is far less expensive. It was sturdy enough to sit on and only sink down a bit, but the question I am asking is if it would be dense enough to stop and 300fps arrow and if so how long would the foam eventually last? If anybody has experience with materials like this or has tried it for themselves I would love to hear about it.

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    seems like a answer you could get by buying at 30 dollars.

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    lets us know . my guess is that if it stops a 300 fps arrow its going to be a pain to get out plus more than likely it will go in pretty deep and stick to the arrow . but i could be wrong this is just a guess .but you can always cut it down and make tree stand cushions out of it .

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    If it sank down even alittle when you sat on it I would be very leary about shooting a 300fps arrow into it, unless you are shooting at 50 yards or better.

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    I doubt if it would hold up to alot of shooting.
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