The Morgan Chapter is ready for this weekend (March 19-20). We've set the range up totally different from anything in the past. The walking distance will not be nearly as long as it has been in the past. The wooded and open terrain is being utilized to give a full variety of shots.

With the entrance to the site now graveled, we shouldn't have the muddy issues we've had in the past. Look forward to hosting this shoot. We will have a novelty shoot of which we haven't decided on. The ideas are still up in the air. In order to try and keep everything on a level playing field for novices versus advanced shooters, we're looking at having a target filled with various colored dots that will give the shooter multiple chances (green dot-3 chances, red dot 2-chances, etc.) at a cash prize. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The range is located at 1380 Thompson Road NE - Decatur, AL 35603 just outside Priceville.

If you have any questions or need further details you may contact me @256.318.9006 or go to our website:


Clete Blankenship - MCAA President