Hi guys. This is my first post and I just got an older Hoyt Defiant locally, and it seems many of you seem to know a ton about it based on an older thread I found on here. I'd like to learn as much as I can about this bow. I tried learning over on AT only to get beat up pretty bad about buying and owning an older bow. I am brand new to archery, want to shoot spots and outdoor target, and didn't want to drop a bank load on my first bow before I knew this was something I wanted to stick with. Since I got into this cheap, it's gonna be easier to convince my better half that a Matthews Conquest Apex is totally reasonable come summer's end if I should stick with this new hobby.

I bought this bow for $100 with the accessories on it, and it needs new strings and cables that a local small shop owner said he'd hook it up with along with a good peep, kisser button, D-loop, color matched 2 tone strings, etc...all for under $70. He also said he'd tune it for free, teach me how to shoot it properly, and let me use his range any time I want for free. All I know about it is that it was listed as a "Hoyt Fastflite." I looked at it, and it is in superb shape, not a ding or scratch on it, and was used by a competition shooter who got out of the game some time ago. I did some research and found out it is a Hoyt Defiant in purple wild thing colors with Fastflite limbs. It is set for 60-70lb draw load ( I plan on setting it at 60), 30" draw length, has cams labeled 3T and 3B, and modules labeled C. I talked to an Ebay seller who told me they are likely Master cams, but that Hoyt used to label lots of their cams "3", "4", etc. until they started getting more specific shortly after this bow was made. I needed to get my draw length down to 28", and he didn't have the right modules, but he said he could sell me some "M2" master cams that would work with my current modules and get my draw length correct with a 65% letoff. It came with a medicine stone 1 pin sight system, an overdraw with gold premier rest, and the factory polished stabilizer, along with a T release, some wax, and some spare bits and pieces. I want to say this is a '96 Defiant but it's build year is not labeled anywhere, and I don't know the difference between that and a '00 for example. If you could please look at the pics, and with the limited information I posted above, tell me everything you could possibly know from a stats and technical aspect about this bow (other than that it is old and sucks and I wasted my money like the AT guys did). I'd also like to know about potential upgrades for this thing, like some of you have mentioned split-limb XT2000 limbs or better cams were available on the newer defiants, and I don't know if they'd fit this riser/pocket setup. Please do your best to educate me about my new purchase and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Oh, I didn't get the case with it, but the shop I found is gonna hook me up with a hard case for nothing