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    Default Best 3D Target Under 200$

    Looking for a good 3d deer target with scoring rings. Going to be used for backyard 3d shooting don't really want one that only show the vitals, we like to keep score. Something sturdy but I'm on a budget.

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    Default 3D deer or others

    I don't know where your location is at but should you ever get near an ASA shooting event there is a guy at these shoots that sales all different kinds of 3D McKenzie Targets from all price ranges. If you catch him on Sunday before he loads up to leave sometimes when he's in a good mood you can get a great deal. I have the mule deer and got it for 225 for 500 target that is a deal to me. Good luck and for the schedule on ASA Archery is :
    Southwest Shoot Out
    Paris TX Apr 1-3

    Team Realtree Georgia Pro/Am
    Augusta, GA Apr 29- May1

    LimbSaver Pro/Am
    London, KY Jun 3-5

    Mathews Solo Cam Pro/Am
    Metropolis, IL June 24-26

    McKenzie ASA Classic
    West Monroe, LA Aug 4-7
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    No I'm from up north in MN, does anyone have an R&W target, how do you like it.

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    I don't know just what the prices are on R&W targets, but one of the clubs I belong to uses them. I shoot them every monday evening during the summer and like how they hold up. One of the better bangs for the buck IMO. Might be a little harder to pull arrows from, but then McKenzie aren't very user friendly in that category either. What I paricularly like about R&W is the cost of new vital plugs as compared to a whole midsection of a McKenzie.

    My favorites come from Rinehart, but I do recognize that not everybody can afford them.
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    I've got an R&W and really like it. The arrows do pull a little hard when it's cold and the mid section is new but once it warms up and/or you get the mid shot in a bit, it's fine.

    Best bang for the buck IMO and great customer service!

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