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Thread: Buddy's EVO

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    So, my buddy got his new evo the other day, and once he got things put together, he checked the weight, the lowest he could get it with 6 turns out was 65#.....He checked the ATA spec and was like, 1/4" Under ATA he let some twists out of his cables, 6 to be exact, he then re checked the weight, got it down to 64#......he then tried paper tuning, he said after trying 4 different arrows, and 4 different spines, moving his rest, and checking the timing, brace height ( said it's just under spec, like 8th) He said no matter what he tried , he couldnt get the high left tear, he said he shot 4 different arrows, and the bottom vane on every arrow was missing, apparently being ripped off, that tells me vane contact, but im not a guru in the tuning then said was going to try to call the PSE rep tomorrow and see what he could gather, he said no matter what the bow didnt tune, or hit anywhere near his pins....he's stumped....and doesnt know what to do....i suggested things like just eyeballing everything and seeing how close you are, then adjust as needed, no matter how outta whack it may seem....then i suggested putting 1/4 to a half turn in either limb to see if that made any difference, i also figure trying to paper tune a brand spankin new bow is pointless due to the fact things will change with multiple shots...either way, he's practically pulling his hair out, he's trying to figure out which arrows work best outta the bow, and if he's missing something, just got a bad bow, or all EVO's are like this.....just looking for some tips.....he's gona go nuts if we cant figure this out....any help is much appreciated...

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    Some of the early Evo's were released with very heavy limbs. PSE should take care of this for him.
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    pse should take care of you. but try to tell youre buddy to have patients they will get it fixed for him. good luck
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