I have 2010 left hand contender elite pearl white with black cams black limbs black limb pockets xt3000 limbs normal riser marks from sight and rest and a spot on the back screw hole from vbar mount but i just screw on a doinker bomb to cover up nice shape 8-out of 10 new winners choice black and white string and cable.set new super hooded peep also hav spot hogg cable adjuster instald so you can adjust the cam lean also this has new spiral x cams #3 3.0 28" draw please email for pics bassbusta01@gmail.com or feel free to call 541-619-0252 retail was like $1400.00 Will sell for $700.00 shipped and insured with a new winners choice shooters hat. now thats a deal thats a lot of bow and not going to break the bank.thanks