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    Default Finally got to shoot my GT500 today

    I must say it really does shoot nice. There is 1 small issue. The bow would be completely silent if it wasnt some kind of dzzzzz (that may not even describe it) at the very end of the shot. I feel absolutely NO shock whatsoever through the bow or vibration but if I could eliminate this 1 sound I believe this bow would be THE ultimate silent killer. I have an HHA wheel slider, fuse axium stabilizer and a G5 expert 2 rest. I just cannot find this durn sound. I have no cable dampener and no string silencers. I would imagine that this could be part of the sound I am hearing. How many FPS would I lose by adding string silencers? I would imagine that adding a cable rod dampener will not hinder the bow in any way. Any help that someone could give me would be great.
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    Sweet! I hope you can figure out the noise....sounds like you just need to shoot it more to figure it out

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    bet it's the string. Try shooting it and immediately touch the string after the shot and see if the noise goes away.

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    What year is your bow? If its a 2010, check the module screws for tightness. Also, if you have the chance to try different stabs, do so. I had a Fuse, and it gave my Turbohawk that same buzz. I went with a different stab, and that buzz was gone.

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