I was asked to post some Tilt Tamer user reviews and have finally put some together from my files for others to see. If there are any questions please go to the Tilt Tamer website tilttamer.com or email me. It has been a great experience working with archers from all over the world who have purchased my Tilt Tamer and have had achieved an elimination of bow induced torque.
I have archers from as far away as South Africa and allot of countries in between. It’s been great working with all of you.
Below are listed just a few reviews.

Joe, have achieved great results with the tilt-tamer! My sights, arrow and string are now all aligned and those little mystery shots immediately went away! My groups are the tightest they have ever been! Thanks, Joe, for a great product born of a great idea!John Wheeler
John won the 2011 Vegas 900 Bow Hunter Free Style

Dear Joe, December 29, 2010
After installing and shooting the Tilt Tamer I was amazed at how easy and dependable it was to use. I can’t wait to get them on all of my bows. Most bows I have ever shot have had a left tear issue to correct, which was caused by the cable guard load on the bow. I have tried many different methods over the years to eliminate this with some success, but the Tilt Tamer, by far, is the most surgical device I have used. As a professional archer I need rugged dependability out of every piece of equipment on my bow and your device definitely meets those standards. I think with a little education you will see many shooters improving their scores by eliminating this left and right movement in the bow the way that the Tilt Tamer does it.
Great product and I wish you much success!

Tim Gillingham… Professional Archer

Tilt Tamer user
I was having horrible left and right issues with my 2011 Hoyt Contender and my sight was well out of alignment with my arrow. I put the Tilt Tamer on and shot at a 2” dot at 20yds and hit a dot 8” to the right!! Now everything is in perfect alignment with no loss in speed. I am sold for life with this thing. Outstanding Product.
Kevin Howard

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User “Blindbuck”
Ok, back from playing shot a 113 arrows with it and I must say it is very nice. The biggest difference is at full draw, it just seems to float in your hand. My sight pins are now dead down the middle of my arrow shaft, the POI moved approximately 4”s. I used 75, 100 and 125 grain field points and my leaf and right stayed dead on. Pretty amazing considering I know I was underspined us 100 and 125 grain tips. Unfortunately the furthest I shot and tested was 45 yds. (further targets need repair from winter damage). I can say when my form suffered, my left or right was only slightly affected. Now as far as sight window, yes the cables come into view but they only lie on the very edge of my sight ring. It does not bother me at all, but I focus on my target and not my pins. I will be going back tomorrow to paper and bare sharft tune indoors. Unfortunately my club had a JOAD program running so I couldn’t do this today. I do not think an admustement will be needed considering the arrows fly like darts out to 45 yards.
User “Takeum”
I installed one of my Elite Pure this week and fooled around for a few days before shooting it tonight finally in league … My bow finally had zero torque and the centershot was too good that I had tons of left hand adjustment left on my CBE sight. My vegas scores had averaged a terrible 290ish and again with the tilttamer tonight I scored my highest score of our 5 week league at 291 10x. X count wasn’t as impressive, but my score went up 11 points. Very impressive and my bow held like a dream. I just can’t explain how well this device actually work in words, but my overall feel of that if it was needed or not is a definite YES! The vertical torque is just too much to handle without the tilttamer IMHO. It is a must for anyone shooting indoor sports or 3/D competitively. I am so glad “Blindbuck” allowed me to demo his before deciding whether or not I was going to opt for another bow. Thanks again to Steve and to “OldBuck” for making his killer new device.
Tilt Tamer email
Pulled out the Judge this morning and went to work. First I swapped the cables to their original posts so the downward cable is now back to original. After this I correctly swapped the cables top over bottom like you advised. What do you know??? The darn thing has clearance now!!! Very happy as the cables now cross below the slide as they should. I put it on the draw board and now cams are in perfect sync with the Tamer installed. Very nice!!!! Had to compromise a bit with the amount I could let the Tamer in towards the riser as this directly affected the amount of clearance between the cables and string stopper. Now for the result. Wow! This thing shoots like a dream! The really great part is that I know for sure that the Tamer works.... My sight pins are now directly in line with the sting and rest!!!!
I never thought this would be possible with a binary cam bow, you have a VERY happy customer here in Texas!!!

David, Texas

Hello Joe,
As a National level archery services provider, I receive a lot of bows from around the country each year thru my tuning service. My thoughts are that as industry knowledge and bow engineering increases, tuning a bow should get easier. I have not found this to be the case. I recently received a brand new 2011 model bow from one of the top names in target archery that simply would not tune. I spent several hours working with this bow before I installed the tilt tamer. Amazing results from the Tilt Tamer install! The Tilt Tamer instantly resolved the left paper tear issue I was dealing with as you can see by the photo evidence. I now offer the Tilt Tamer as an upgrade option on my website and I use them on my own bows. I will also be informing all of my website members about your product.
Great product and keep up the good work
Adam Guggisberg | Owner ProBowTune.com & ArcheryLessonsOnline.com Houston, TX

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