This a thread I posted on Mid Atlantic Archers Forum:

"This Jackass has ripped me off in a trade for my Target Hoyt XT3000 limbs for his set of Target set of Hoyt XT2000 limbs. I sent him the limbs priority mail, He was supposed to do the same. He said he needed them as fast as possible so he could shoot them that weekend at a shoot. I sent my set as requested. He sent nothing. I have texted, I have called and left messages and he is not returning my calls or texts. He told me when the limbs were a couple days late he would send a tracking number but he didn't. He is just avoiding me. This was my first deal of any kind on here and it hasn't been a great way to start off! DO NOT DEAL WITH TIM FITZPATRICK OR ramblinman unless you want to get ripped off! By the way I shipped the limbs to this guy on April 6th he got them in 2 days. "

Tim Fitzpatrick
202 Griffin AVE.
Stanford KY 40484