I am selling my 2008 Bowtech Allegiance in great condition. Probably one of the best and cleanest Allegiances to be found. Great bow that has served me very well. Bow is in excellent condition, strings and cables are nearly new and excellent quality, finish is almost flawless with the exception of a few very minor wear points. Bow was tuned to perfection. Without a doubt, the smoothest bow I have ever shot. I will except paypal, money order or cash/pickup in person.

Draw Weight: 50-60#
Draw Length: 27" & 29" modules included (smooth mods)(adjustable from 26.5"-30.5")
IBO: 335fps
Mass Weight: 3.8lbs
ATA: 33.25
Brace: 7.25
Let-off: 60-85%
Custom Proline bow strings (amazing strings)
Custom Extra Low profile Torqueless bow grip (also comes with stock side plates)
Paradigm string suppressor carbon fiber color
Limbsaver stabilizer
Limbsaver limb dampeners
Peep sight
Trophy Taker Original Pronghorn rest (not yet set up)

Get a sight and you are ready to go with one of the best bows ever made! I have tried to take very detailed pictures to show condition, but please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

$450 to your door. Great deal with the accessories, grip and new strings.

Thank you