Two guys are zipping down the highway rather in excess of the posted speed
limit when they get lit up by a police cruiser. The driver pulls over and
stops. The officer walks up and taps on the unopened driver's window with
his baton.

When the driver rolls down the window the cop snaps him across the forehead
with the baton. "When you get pulled over on this stretch of highway, you
better have the window down and your documents ready when I come up to your

The driver, taken rather aback, apologizes and the cop goes back to his car
to write the coupon. He takes the ticket back to the driver then walks
around to the passenger side and taps on the window with his baton. When the
passenger rolls down the window he gets the same crack that the driver had.

"What the hell was that for?" he asks.

"Just granting your wish" replies the cop.

"What wish???"

"I know your type. Two miles down the road you'd be saying - I WISH HE'D