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    Default Harvest Time Archery Arrows

    I have some Harvest Time Archery Arrows for sale. They are a new arrow company out of Ashland, Ohio. I really like all three style of arrows they have to shoot.

    I have 1/2 dozen uncut Ht-1's which are small diameter hunting arrows. 400 spine Bare shaft with nocks and inserts $60 TYD

    I have 1/2 dozen uncut Ht-2's which can be used for hunting or 3-D. 500 spine Fletched with blazers, nocks and 100 gr nib $60 TYD

    I have 1/2 dozen uncut Ht-3's which are the 3-D arrows. 500 spine
    Bare shafts with 80 gr. nibs $60 TYD

    All arrows have .001 straightness will have all specs for the arrows

    Reach me: I can send pics or you can check the site.

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    The HT1's do you have the nibs or Outserts? Thanks!
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