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    Default Can someone please explain adjusted draw weight vs actual draw weight.

    I just got my new bow and was planning on shooting it on a higher poundage but someone made mention that with my new current CX Maxima 3d select 250's I will be way underspined for the 65-70 lbs I will be shooting. On the back of the CX packaging it says that 64-69 lbs and an arrow cut of 27" I could keep my 250's but then the guy started talking about that is actual draw weight and NOT adjusted draw weight. He said with todays new high energy cams I have to figuratively add an extra 10-12 lbs of draw weight when considering my arrow choice. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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    It depends on the bow and cams. Experience would tell me you're in the ballpark at about 65#, but being as you already have the CX 250 I'd give them a try and see how they tune. If they tune OK then you're good. If not then you either have to get a stiffer spine or drop the draw weight down till they fly OK. Me? I'd drop the weight. I'm not into heavy draw weights or spending money for arrows. Those limb bolts are your friend.
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