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Thread: Completely new

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    Default Completely new

    This year I wanted to try bow hunting so I bought a license. Having never shot a bow before, my uncle let me use his and showed me how it worked (Fred Bear). I shot probably 20 times and then the next day went hunting. I ended up shooting a 6-point from about 40-45 yds. It really got me into bow hunting and now Im hoping to buy my own bow. I have hunted plenty of times with a gun but bow hunting is a whole new excitement.

    Im looking to spend around $400 for everything (bow, sight, etc.)

    Any tips on a good bow to buy, but especially a sight under $75.

    thanks for the help

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    to 3dshoots. I am sure you will find this a great place to visit with were are serious ,and at times get a little silly but we surely have a large time. I would suggest that you go to a local pro shop and see what they have in the used line of bows. There are a lot of good bows out there. If you are comfortable with buying a bow without shooting it try ebay, a few on come here from time to time, I have a Martin Pride with split limbs. A lighted sight and the other goodies on it. I am asking $350 for and I have harvested 9 deer in the last 2 seasons with it .It is only 2 years old .I bought new from old stock. I will give you a gurantee that it is in frist class shape only a few dings. I am gonna get me a Matthews Swithcback xt. Enjoy the site.Holy Smokes
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    I am happy to hear that another one is hooked! Sounds like Holy Smokes has a good setup for sale, but if it won't fit you try going to a local proshop I know that some carry packages on the lower end stuff that works just fine.

    P.S. The Bears are gonna stomp Green Bay on Sunday.......DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know you said you wanted to spend only $400.00 on a bow but here is a good bow with the works (except for arrows) for $549.00 and posable cheaper at the archery shop. and its only $449.00 with out the package Diamond's are exelent bows at a great price and they do have a liftime garentee. you oght to check one out i think you'll like it
    have fun picking out your new bow there are a lot out there.just remeber to get one that fits you and you'll shoot alot more accuratly.good luck
    oh,getting your first bow kill,thats awsome it only gets better try 3d shoots you'll have lots of fun in the off season,and check out bowfishing you'll trash your fishing poles.good luck and have fun and be carefull
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