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    Default Finally got to shoot my Invasion with my new arrows.

    I must say, I AM SOOOLD. The bow is down right incredible. I shot the furthest I have EVER shot in my life with a bow and I did so accurately. I have NEVER been able to shoot a bow this well before and I have shot FAR cruddier groups at 25 yds with other bows. This target is 25"x25" and it was at least 35 yds away if not 40, NOT tryin to hype this up by any means but I seriously think it was closer to 40. The Maxima Blue streak selects performed flawlessly and I was beyond impressed. I also found out that my cams are not timed so I really need to get that fixed and maybe my groups might even shrink a lil more. I think once this string settles it will be much better, I had alot of peep rotation but the bow is almost brand new. Here are the pics.

    Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze.

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    Wow! that is awesome! I know the feelin'!

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    Good deal. Soounds like you like it so far.

    How could you tell the cams werent in time?
    That course was so easy I even missed a target !!

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