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    Default spine

    Ok can someone plz explain the spine numbers and what they mean. What I believe I know is that the spine refers to how stiff the arrow is and what I thought I knew was that the lower the number the stiffer the spine.
    What is the best spine for a 60-70 lb bow? I thought I had this figured out but it seems not all the arrow company's use the same numbering method?
    Also what effect does the spine of the arrow have on your shot?
    Right now I'm shooting ultralight x-cutters and they are lighter than my 7595's but have a stiffer spine. They ended up both shooting 280 fps.

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    Well you really have the needed info. The arrow Co's don't all use the same numbering. The important part is the actual spine rating.
    The correct spine for a 60-70lb bow is really dependent on how long a shaft is used and the point weight. A 27" arrow is quite a bit stiffer than a 30" arrow. Now add point weight. The more weight up front flexes the arrow more, requiring a slightly stiffer arrow.
    I think most charts assume a 100 grain head.
    Too stiff or too week will result in poor groups and possibly erratic flight
    Easton's charts typically shade to the stiff side ( I assume for safety's sake)
    The best spine will shoot the tightest groups.
    At all distances.
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    you can always add weight to the point to counter the over spine. under spine is dangerous
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