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    Default Shot first field round of the year

    I just shot my first field round of the year. The weather was great, maybe a bit hot but not too bad.

    I really need to do some more shooting. I found I was pretty fatigued by the end.

    Didn't do too bad shot a 264 half round.

    Thanks to the guys that went, it was a great time.
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    Congrats on the good shooting.

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    Awsome! great to see you shooting again

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    The only bad part was shooting a 17 on the last target. I couldn't buy a bullseye on that target.

    Everyone had a great time and the newbies did well. Rich has been working his form and it's starting to show. I think he shot a 252.

    They've all been bit by the bug. Rich is getting a Triumph and Alex just got an Ultra Elite. It's all down hill from here boys.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    That's a decent half Chris nothing to be kicking yourself over....but the only problem is it was only a half. Ya got 14 more to go to make it a round

    but that of course is what I love about field and why I gave up 3D a few years ago....I love the # of arrows you shoot. and the distance

    I have actually been shooting well this year and struggling at the same time....haven't shot a 270+ half yet which is getting pretty annoying....I have been fighting a left issue (but I think I just fixed it or am getting the fix under wraps anyway). Ran out and shot a half on Thurs...well I had planned on it but it got to dark in the middle of the woods so I had to skip 3 targets because I couldn't see down in the creek bottom. But I only dropped 4 on the 11 I shot and 2 of them were because it was too dark and I was kind of guessing on the pin placement.

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    Our Field league has been revived this year, we had to cancel it last year from lack of participation. we have quite a few teams now and having a blast. Every night i have shot it has been windy as hell. I havent really had the urge to shoot an outdoor 3d in about 2 years now. I would rather go shoot a field round than a 3d
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    I'm doing my first field league this year....well, we only do half rounds but so far I love it. The round starts with a 65 yarder and goes for there, 65 yards is the longest target they have room for. all and all it's a great course with the targets set up in a great mix of flat ground and hills.

    I wish more people would take the time and try it. Never much of a wait and when you do get to the pin you get to shoot 4 arrows instead of waiting all that time to shoot one, most stakes have room so 2 people can shoot at the same time.

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    Anyone know of field archery events in NE Pennsylvania?
    Any good websites regarding the rules?

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    Search the shoot finder on the 3dshoots home page.
    Be good or be good at it.

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    Buckeye Red beat me to it.
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